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1st Birthday 450$

⟡ Beautiful all white studio set
⟡ 8 inch custom cake
⟡ 15 High Resolution digital images
⟡ Online gallery and print release

Cake smashes are an activity I find endlessly enjoyable; I could engage in them daily without ever growing weary. Each infant's response to a cake varies, from eagerly embracing it and consuming fistfuls to promptly crawling or running away. I cherish every reaction!

In a cake smash session, simplicity reigns supreme. We eschew elaborate backdrops, banners, or props, opting instead for a minimalist approach with just the baby and the cake. This choice not only lends a timeless quality to the images but also ensures a less overwhelming experience for the baby.

Despite the simplicity, we do offer themed cake smashes on occasion. These themes may manifest through the design of the cake or the baby's attire, but we always strive to maintain the simplicity and authenticity characteristic of the RB style.